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Spectral is an Italian company specialized in the production of CO2 laser tubes, high voltage power supplies, refilling of RF CO2 lasers.

The company was founded by Giancarlo Aniballi in 1983 with its line of high power multimode He-Ne lasers for medical therapy, entertainment, Raman spectroscopy and holography.

In 1996 Spectral transferred its skill in the construction of hard sealed gas lasers to the development and production of reliable sealed-off CO2 laser tubes.

A innovative “glass and metal hybrid design” was conceived, allowing air cooling, long lifetime, high efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing.

Today the main activity is centred around CO2 lasers up to 150W in standard or customized versions, air or water cooled, with super-pulse capability, TEM00 with M2<1.2 or dual TEM00-01* mode for higher power, miniature laser tubes, high voltage power supplies, RF CO2 lasers refilling service.

Spectral lasers are supplied worldwide as OEM components employed in apparatus for medical therapy, skin resurfacing, general surgery as well in industrial machines for cutting, engraving, drilling, marking of non-metal material

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